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Rescheduled for Annual General Assembly 2016

It is informed to all the members of the Handicapped Development Foundation, Manipur that   Annual General Assembly Meeting  to be held on the 21st May, 2016 (Saturday) at Manipur Press Club, Imphal at 8:30 am will be postponed to 5th June 2016 (Sunday) due to upcoming general strike from 20th morning 4:am till 21st evening 6:oopm . Therefore all the members are requested to come in the respective schedule as before in same venue and time without fail.

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HD Foundation Manipur

Matamgi Shingnaba


The third edition of Quarterly Journal “MATAMGI SHINGNABA” will be produced very shortly.

Parents Training Programme

Parents Training Programme on Identification and Management of Children with Disabilities

As a part of Handicapped Welfare Month (3rd December to 4th January), HD Foundation Manipur have organized the Parents Training Programme on Identification and Management of Children with Disabilities on the 16th December 2013 at the Conference Hall (1st Floor) of Manipur Press Club.

The registration opens at 10:00 a.m. and the training programe was inaugurated by Dr. Ch. Rupachandra Singh, Chairman of HD Foundation at 11:00a.m. There were 39 parents present in the programme. Dr. Rupachandra said the foundation have been observing the Handicapped Welfare Month from the last 4 (four) years. The main objective of celebrating the Handicapped Welfare Month is to promote the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) to the Mainstream life by giving awareness to masses that the PWDs are also a Human diversity and deserved the same right as others. He continues that the Parents Training Programme will help the parents to understand more on the needs and managements of the children with Disabilities. He added the programme will also help in exploring and encouraging the children with disabilities.

Mrs. L. Jeena Devi, Physiotherapist, spoke on Cerebral Palsy (C.P.). As per her presentation on the Slide show, she describes C.P. as a Non-Progressive brain damage caused at the natal or pre-natal period or even sometime post natal. The C.P. affects movement, posture, muscle tone and balance of the body. She further describe on the identification of C.P. She explain the four types of C.P. which are MUSCLE STIFFNESS OR 'SPASTICITY‘, UNCONTROLLED MOVEMENTS OR 'ATHETOSIS‘, POOR BALANCE OR 'ATAXIA’, MIXED TYPE. As she said seeing the body parts affected C.P. is categorized as Hemiplegic, Diplegic and Quadriplegic. She also describe in details on how the parents of a C.P. Child can take care of their children with slide show of deferent postures.

Continuing the programme, Dr. Sapam Jasowanta Singh, Secretary General of HD Foundation who himself is a Visually Impaired spoke about the Visually Impaired to the participants. He mention about the types, causes and the present scenario of visually impaired persons in the state. Dr. Sapam concluded his valuable speech with message to the parents that the Children with disabilities should be brought out so that they could be in mainstream life, Hiding them inside the walls will only increased their problems in future.

Another resource person Ms. Rajkumari Leni Chanu who is a speech therapist and special educator spoke about the Identification and Management of Hearing Impaired Persons. She describe about the hearing impairment and its causes. Few of the causes she mention were Malformation of outer ear, ear canal, or middle ear structure, Ear infection, Allergies, Poor Eustachian tube function, Perforated eardrum , Foreign body in the ear , Exposure to land noise, Head trauma, Virus or disease etc. She explains about the screening of new born child and types of Hearing Aids. She also reflect on the needs of speech therapy to the hearing impaired children and children with cerebral palsy as the C.P. children have mostly associate problem with speech other than the disability one have. She encouragement the parents to practice simple speech development techniques that parents can do at home.

There was also a interaction programe with the parents where Parents asked their question on the topics and the resource persons give the answers to their doubts.

                The parents training program wide up at 03:30p.m. after the presentation of 5(five) Short Documentary Films on Disabilities. The documentary films shows how the persons with Disabilities in the state face problems in society, how they can be help to be in mainstream and how they are handling the situations beyond them.

                HD Foundation Manipur wishes all for making the Programe a success one and the parents have commented to organized more of such programme in future.


Handicapped Development (HD) Foundation, Manipur

Sagolband Tera Sayang Leirak, Imphal,


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