Vision & Mission





 1. To work with and for persons with disability who suffer the greatest distress , social stigma societal and family indifference and marginalization.

2. To seek not only to retrieve distress , but also to eradicate the basic causes of their marginalization.

3. To take up preventive actions to decrease the rate of disability directly targeting the problem of poverty and illiteracy as there is a linkage between disability and these two issues.

4. To build a society where all persons with disability can gain access to education , health care and employment oppotunities and where all of them can realize their full potential and discharge their social responsibility .

5. To educate persons with disability and make them conscious and concerned about social justice , corporation and self reliance so that they may be prepared and equipped to work out for themselves and for others , a future that is in keeping with their own Human Dignity and Destiny.

6. To attempt to influence and negotiate State Policies , laws and programme , in favour of persons with disability .

7. To built Capacities of the persons with disability to assert their presence in the legitimate political and social - economic spares provide for them by the state.

8. To create, ensure and strengthen community accountability system towards the persons with disability.

9. To build a trusted bridge between the dreams and aspirants of individuals who care about the persons with disability and their srealization.

10. To promote involvement of persons with disability who have overcome their disabilities and taken up societal responsibility in community development activities.