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Our story starts way back.

HD Foundation is a not-fort-profit making Trust established in 1999 and got the status of a registered trust under the Indian Trust Act,1882 under regd. no. 387 of 2001 in the state of Manipur,India.

It  is the fruition of an ambition of a symbolic realation among legally.hearing,sppech & orthopedically challenged educated persons and a few of their friends to do something for other disabled persons who are subjected to various adversities owing to poverty,illiteracy,social stigma,social in difference and state support.

Currently our foundation is working in the state of Manipur and in the near future its activities will expand to the remaining states of North eastern region of INDIA including Sikkim. 

Our activities seek to fill up the vaccum that exists in the govermental support services and societal cooperation towards the person with disabilities in the northeastern region of India where the social change and development is slow and the persons with disability in particular suffer the most. It is one of the stimulating and supporting the creative and latent potential of disabled  persons to bring a positive change and improvement in their life and live with dignity and prosperity. We strive to uplift and support them by providing  educational assistant,livelihood promotion activities,capacity building,community  awareness,counselling,legal aid,etc.

In doing so,our foundation is working at grass root level in close integration with the families of disabled persons,the village community and other interested social group of state.

Futher,we lay great emphasis on networking and building partnership between national and internationnal non-govermental funding agency and social action group,media,corperate sector,academic and research agencies,govermental and inter-govermental agencies sharing similiar concerns.


We envisages a welfare society where poorest of the poor,weaker section & especially for persons with disability of the society could enjoy with full justice and democratic values in life.

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